This post doesn't have anything to do about Fashion, Food, or Felines, but I thought I would share my personal accomplishment. This year has been a struggle but I survived and nothing can stop me now. This day last year was probably the most life changing experiences I've ever had. This day last year I … Continue reading 6.21.2016

What's in your purse Wednesday

Sometimes I feel like the grandma who has what everyone needs in her purse, whether is mints, ibuprofen, or a bandaid but in the summer I try to only have my essentials in my purse so here is a little tour of what's in my purse. In my daily purse I have: My iPhone 7 … Continue reading What's in your purse Wednesday


It has been two weeks since I moved to California and it has already been an unforgettable experience. The weather is amazing and the restaurants have the best outdoor patios to compliment the great weather. Last week my boyfriend, Max and I, had a romantic dinner at an upscale vegan restaurant called Millennium Restaurant in … Continue reading Millennium