What's in your purse Wednesday


Sometimes I feel like the grandma who has what everyone needs in her purse, whether is mints, ibuprofen, or a bandaid but in the summer I try to only have my essentials in my purse so here is a little tour of what’s in my purse.


In my daily purse I have:

  • My iPhone 7
  • My headphones
    • For those moments when you’re walking and don’t want people to talk to you. (Let’s be honest, we all have those moments.)
  • My portable phone charger
    • When this charger has a full battery, it is really a life saver. So make sure you charge after usage.
  • Gum
    • Obviously I don’t want stank breath, so it’s a must.
  • Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works
    • These little things are so cheap and smell amazing.
  • Kleenex
    • For those days when my allergies get crazy, which is basically everyday….
  • RayBans 
    • Not just for protection from the sun but also to block my haters, and for those times when I don’t want people to know that I am staring at them. (AGAIN, we have all had those moments)
  • Hair Tie
  • Pepper spray
    • This is a serious must for everyone. This pepper spray is usually only $10-$15 and you never know when you will need to use it!!
  • Chapstick
    • I don’t care what anyone says, Cherry Chapstick is gross and this has no flavor AND has SPF in it!
  • And of course my keys

Here are more obvious items that everyone needs in their daily purse:



This Tory Burch Continental Wallet is the perfect wallet! It may seem very large but it holds everything. Sometimes I can use as a wristlet when needed.




And this Shinola little pocket planner is a life saver. I like to write things down rather than just inserting it in my phone calendar. It’s a perfect size and has everything I need!


Tory Burch does not sell my Robinson Mini Satchel anymore so here is a similar one! This similar purse is a great price for a classic bag. I might need to spoil myself with a little gift soon….

I plan on doing this once a month on a Wednesday so you guys can see my new essential items for my purse! Stay tuned for more “What’s in your purse Wednesday”!



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