Best Vegan Eats in the Bay Area

I spent the majority of this summer in the Bay Area of California and it was an unforgettable three months. I experienced new things every day, including trying the best vegan restaurants in the area! Thank goodness my non-vegan boyfriend, Max, loves trying new vegan food just as much as I do. I thought I would make a list of my favorite spots for you all, so here are the Best Vegan Eats in the Bay Area, from the greasiest to the classiest:



If you have a big sweet tooth like me and can NOT resist vegan baked goods then Cinnaholic is the place for you. Cinnaholic is in Berkeley, CA and they have the BEST cinnamon rolls. What’s great about this place, is that you can buy their special flavors, or you can build your own! You can choose from a large selection of frostings and toppings. Max and I were overwhelmed with the amount of chooses, so we just got their daily special flavors!

Hella Vegan Eats 


Hella Vegan Eats is “So Oakland” as locals would say. It’s located in Uptown Oakland and is a combination of bar and comfort food. I loved the atmosphere of the beer garden but the Bahn Mi tacos made the experience even better! I would recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends, listen to good music and chow down on some greasy vegan eats.



Whether you are looking for the “That’s so Raven” house or vintage thrift shopping on Haight St, you NEED to grab a bite to eat at VeganBurg! This place has amazing food and it’s a quick service restaurant, which is hard to find for vegans. The menu is an array of vegan burgers and the price is just right! If you’re craving a classic burger, I recommend the “Cracked Mayo”.

The Plant | Cafe Organic


This is one of my favorite restaurants/cafes in the Bay Area. Although it is a bit on the pricy side, the food is great and it has multiple locations in the area which is a plus! I have been to two different locations and they both were a different experience. My favorite one is located near Pier 3 in San Fransisco; it has a beautiful view of the water! My favorite item on the menu is the “The Plant Burger”; it’s fresh and it doesn’t fall apart like a lot of plant based burgers. Next time you are in the Bay Area, check out one of their locations!



Millennium holds a special place in my heart. The food is delicious, the service in quality, but the company I bring is what makes it so special. This restaurant became me and Max’s weekly spot. Millennium is a great spot for date night. It’s classy but not too formal and the patio is perfect for a warm Oakland night. Their menu changes weekly and they offer the freshest food and the most creative dishes. Make sure to get the “Dessert Trio” to finish off your meal! I promise this restaurant will NOT disappoint you or your taste buds.


This is just a list of a few vegan restaurants in the Bay Area that I have tried, if you have any recommendations for places I need to try, comment below!





Make sure you check out their websites by clicking on the headings of each restaurant. 


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