Happy Cat Cafe

Happy Caturday!

Today I will be sharing my experience at the Happy Cat Cafe in Grand Rapids, MI. This cafe allows you to sip on some tea or coffee while spending quality time with felines.


Happy Cat Cafe just recently opened on the south side of Grand Rapids. I love the concept of these new cat cafes because you get to hang out with cats for an hour and even better you can adopt directly from the cafe! This is a great opportunity for cats to get adopted and adjusted to new people, especially if they came from a rough past. They also have Cat Yoga once a week. Who doesn’t want to do yoga surrounded by cats?!

If you are interested in going to the Happy Cat Cafe, I suggest going to their website and making a reservation. Spots fill up quickly and since it’s new, it is hard to just get a walk-in spot. It’s only $10 and that gives you access to the felines and one drink. Although I don’t need another cat because of Leo, duh, but I will definitely make my way back there for another hang out sesh with some fancy felines.

PSA: Be prepared for some crazy cat ladies


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