Gifts Under $25

Are you ballin’ on a budget during this holiday season? Then check out these Gifts Under $25

NEW gifts under 25.jpg

  1. I have this Runwell Planner in the regular size and pocketbook size! It is great for school, life and work balance. P.S. If you buy it in store you can get free monograming! Cost: $22
  2. Reusable bags are great for grocery shopping and for storing items. I also love the BAGGU brand because they have different patterns and styles! Cost: $14
  3. Essential Oil diffusers not only make your room smell amazing but they help with sleep, stress, headaches and so much more! Cost: $21.99
  4. These are a new twist on Air Plants. These vases give a plain wall some texture and life! Cost: $24.99
  5. I love gallery walls and this hanging glass frame would look perfect on one! Cost: $18.00
  6. These face masks are all over social media but I have not had the chance to try them out yet! Cost: $14.99
  7. Everyone needs a portable charger! Cost: $15.99
  8. These tumblers are like YETIs but cheaper! It’s used for hot and cold beverages. Cost: $15.99
  9. If you love/loved Vine as much as me and my friends then this parody poetry book is a perfect gift. Cost: $5.99
  10. I heard these Himalayan Salt Lamps have many benefits such as reducing anxiety and sleep difficulties. Cost: $19.25
  11. If you don’t like to spend a lot of money on candles, then incense is a good alternative. This incense holder is delicate and makes a cute statement piece on a nightstand. Cost: $20

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I hope this post helps you get through the holidays without breaking the bank.
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