Michigan VegFest 2017

fullsizeoutput_17eaYesterday I attended the Michigan VegFest in Novi, Michigan. It was my first time attending this one but I had gone to the Grand Rapids Veg Fest a couple years ago. All I can say is, that it was an amazing time! The tickets were only $12 which included samples, guest speakers, and cooking demos.

The Michigan VegFest helps a non-profit organization called VegMichigan that focus on health, environmental, and ethical benefits of a vegan diet.

I was so happy that my mom came along because she has never been to anything like this before. She’s tried so many vegan restaurants with me but never seen this large scale of the vegan community.

This festival is the reason why I went vegetarian then vegan because of the community that the “veg” life creates. Every vendor and every guest at this festival were all there for the same reason because they love this lifestyle.

I got so many great new vegan recipes, new vegan merchandise (the photo above features my new shirt from Herbivore Clothing), and new vegan restaurants I am excited to try out!

After attending this festival, I can’t wait for next year and to try out other Veg Festivals because it is totally worth going to!

For more information about VegMichigan and their upcoming events, check out their website vegmichigan.org 



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