Gift Guide for your Feline Friends

The snow has fallen and the holidays are right around the corner. If you have not bought a present for your cat yet, here’s the perfect gift guide for them!

Links are attached to highlighted words! 

1.) I have been wanting this hoodie for Leo and I for a while now. If your cat is like Leo and loves being all in your personal space, then this is the perfect hoodie for you and your feline friend.

2.) Remember when you and your friends would make friendship bracelets in middle school? Well this bracelet and collar set takes friendship bracelets to a whole new level.

3.) Leo loves these cat treats! They are nutritious and even better, you can find them at Trader Joes!

4.) Crazy cat owners know the struggle of overspending on a cat tower when our feline friends go more wild over cardboard boxes.

5.) Cats lives are super stressful. After a long day of napping and eating, they need a good massage. This face massager is a perfect gift to help your cat unwind.

6.) Leo has a weird obsession with olive juice so when I found this Meowtini I had to buy it! The woman who sells these toys, hand makes them with strong catnip! Check out her Etsy page.

7.) If the facial doesn’t relax your cat after a long day then maybe they need a glass of  fine wine. This cat wine brand has, Catbernets, Moscato, Pino Meow, and White Kittendel. Leo has the Moscato and he’s saving it for a special night (thanks Max)!

I hope your feline friends enjoy these gifts!

Comment below if you’ve tried these products or have any suggestions.




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